Our Mission is to bring the lost into God’s Kingdom. Regardless of the burdens you carry we have the answer. Service Times are 10:00 am regular service 12:30 pm Hispanic service on Sunday. Fellowship hour 9 am.

Four Core Beliefs

  1.  Salvation
  2. Divine Healing
  3. Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  4. Second Coming

Growing In Faith

For the New Believer

To grow in faith we encourage you to:  1). Read-Study-Learn – Read and meditate on the Bible starting with the Gospel of John.  2). Pray – Take your concerns, hopes, fears and dreams to God in prayer.  3). Attend Church on a Regular Basis – Show God you are faithful.  4). Stay for growth groups after service – Look deeper into meaning of sermon.  5). Look at our other resources: a). www.ag.org  b). www.biblegateway.com  c). www.gotquestions.org  d. www.30daynextsteps.com

For Everyone

At Christ the Rock Church , it is exciting to become involved in all the outstanding opportunities for growth. We invite you to join us in… 1). Evangelizing – Listen when someone wants to talk about God. Be able to give your testimony.  2). Meditating and studying the Word – Join the Bible study class on Wednesday night at 6:30PM.  3). Join in fellowship with your fellow believers. 4). Praying for those around you who are in need – Everyone has needs. Take part in the prayer group at church, our prayer meetings at 5:30PM on wednesday nights or the prayer wall on this page.  You can submit requests and pray for others.  4). Giving of tithes and offerings.  5). Giving of ourselves – in our community and in our church – meeting the needs of others.  and 6). Surrender every area of your life to God and seek Him with all your heart. 

For the NonBeliever

Your reason for being on this page at this time may be to prove a point, to find answers to questions or simply out of curiosity, but we invite you to linger.  Even if you’ve heard it all before, we challenge you to hear it one more time.  We are an open door, an opportunity to become acquainted with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, an opportunity to receive answers and an opportunity to find hope when all seems hopeless.  We are an invitation to find your faith, to develop it and to become the person God intended you to be.  There is a God and there is a Heaven!  We invite you to step across our threshold and learn about Christ.  Meet us this Sunday – we’re looking forward to seeing you.  Come just as you are.  Learn and grow with us as we develop our faith and grow in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Practice Thinking, Responding, Praying and Acting on What You Read in the Bible

READMatthew 6:19-7:6

THINK: Consider how you spend the majority of your time and effort. Then think of your greatest dreams and aspirations. Are you focused more on temporary things or eternal things? Do you sometimes find yourself worrying about things God promised to take care? What kind of images and influences are you allowing into your life by what you look at and watch? Are God priorities and desires the driving and defining factors in your life?

RESPOND: What does it mean to store up treasures in heaven , and what does that have to do with the spiritual condition of your heart ? What does it mean that ‘the eye is the lamp of the body” ? How are the things you look at and watch affecting your thoughts, attitudes, actions and relationship with Jesus? In what ways might a person ‘serve” money , and what negative impact does that have on life? Why does God tell us not to worry about the provisions we need in life? What does it mean to seek God’s kingdom and righteousness? Why is it easier to find faults in others than to recognize your own shortcomings? In what ways is it appropriate for Christians to make judgments? In what ways it is not appropriate? Why is it ineffective for Christians to try to change people’s ungodly behaviors by ‘attacking” those behaviors? How should we approach people if we truly want to inspire change?

PRAY: Ask God to help you stay focused on lasting and eternal priorities. Ask Him to help you be patient and gracious toward others. Allow the Holy Spirit to expose areas in your own life which you need to change or improve. Express thanks to God for His continual care and provision in your life.

ACT: Make a conscious effort to avoid watching or looking at anything that would not please God and uplift you spiritually. Set aside some money that you would have used for something else today and give it to a missions effort through your church. Consciously avoid being critical of anyone today. Instead, hand out as many genuine compliments as you can to encourage others.